A Legacy of Memories

  • A Legacy of Memories
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A Legacy of Memories
A Portrait of a Family in India

Molly Marie T. Connor
with an Addendum by Dennis Connor

Memoir | 258 pages

ISBN: 978-81-928188-3-2


India and her history provide the backdrop for this family saga which should prove fascinating as much to strangers as to the youth of the family for whom this memoir was originally written. These young people, born in Canada, Britain, France and Australia, are unfamiliar with the background of the family from which they have sprung, nor have the three generations born abroad, ever been to India. The tone of the book is intimate, heart to heart and personal. It is genuine with much of the author’s own convictions being revealed to evoke sympathetic responses from her readers. In addition there are a myriad old black and white photographs which even people unrelated to the family should find interesting. The honesty of the memoir will surely win your heart... An addendum provides a contrasting view of India now, compared to what it once was.

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