Ghostly AI Tales

  • Ghostly AI Tales
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Dark Nights and Eerie Shadows
Anglo-Indian Ghostly Tales

Edited by Harry MacLure

Short Stories| 220 pages

ISBN: 978-93-85407-10-9


A spine tingling, hair raising 
and heart pumping collection of 
supernatural stories

While these stories are original and unique in their own right there exists an all-important common thread. 

The commonality is that all these tales have an Anglo-Indian background.

Many of them are based on true incidents and experiences  which lend an extra degree of authenticity
as they guide the reader deeper into the realms of the unknown.
The sheer assortment of these mystical stories is astonishing. 

From the fearsome spirits that haunt people's homes in 'Mirror, Mirror in the Hall',
'The Family Home' and 'Footsteps in the Dark' to the spectral goings on in 'The Poltergeist in the Cottage' 
and 'The Chowkidar' there is something here for everyone who enjoys this kind of genre.
Then there are stories that have an added intensity of being quite moving
as in 'The Embroidered Handkerchief' and 'The Todaman's Gift'. 

Take the time to fix your favourite brew, seek out the safest corner of your dwelling
​(you may need the reassurance!) and settle down for a fanciful reading experience. 

Oh, and don't forget to secure all doors and windows…may not help, but you never know!

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