Raj Days to Downunder

  • Raj Days to Downunder
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Raj Days to Downunder
Voices from Anglo India to New Zeland

Dorothy McMenamin 
with an Addendum by Dennis Connor

Oral Histories | 408 pages

ISBN: 978-93-85407-08-6


This book is the culmination of a decade of recording oral histories with people who lived in Anglo India. 

Ethnic diversity is a feature of most contemporary societies. This diversity creates a rich tapestry in the community which is woven from the history, culture and experiences of peoples of many origins. 
Dorothy McMenamin's book is important because it builds human connections through the art of story telling. Within this book, you will find many stories that touch hearts and open minds. Most importantly, you will find the essence of what makes us human. 
Mervin Singham 
Director of Ethnic Affairs, Wellington, New Zealand 

By recording and publishing these accounts, Dorothy has illuminated some of the tiles of that elaborate mosaic and, in doing so, has added to our understanding of the social history of not only this country but that of Colonial India and modern South Asia. 

Megan Hutching
President of National Oral History Association of New Zealand 

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