These Bloomin' Anglos

  • These Bloomin' Anglos
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These Bloomin' Anglos
Glimpses into the Anglo-Indian Heart

Hari Baskaran

184 pages

ISBN: 978-1-64249-766-3


For those who like to cock a snook at Anglo-Indians, consider this: Their military prowess resulted in the formation of legendary military units in the pre-Independence era that are active in the Indian army even today. Examples include Skinner's Horse, founded by Lt. Col. James Skinner, and the Shekhawati Brigade, formed by Col. Henry Forster.

Air Chief Marshal Denis La Fontaine, Admiral Ronald Pereira, Lt. General Reginald Noronha, the Keelor brothers, Eric Stracey, Ruskin Bond, Melville de Mello, Olympian Leslie Claudius, Wilson Jones, Frank Anthony and Derek O'Brien are some among many Anglo-Indians who are household names in India.

Why then has the community been subjected to so much prejudice?

These Bloomin' Anglos is a succinct, balanced view of the community and a must-read for Anglo-Indians, including those settled abroad.


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