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A collection of poems from Pieces of One
by Aubrey Maurice King-Lee & Hokhevi Zhimomi
Collection of Poems | 80 pages
ISBN: 978-93-85407-03-1

The Poet says...

We have always required that push, always required that small tap on our shoulder to spur us on. Sometimes we are pushed to our limits and sometimes to depths that we think we cannot get back from. Sometimes we need to fight and sometimes we need to just step back. This book of poems is not just a random read but a book that calls on to fight. Many poems do start with a negative tone but as they progress the light shows itself. All we need is a little faith...

* * * * *


The question was, is and always will be “Why me?” A conflict with oneself never to settle and always strive to be the best even when the wheel of life with its many spokes makes us jump from one to another while it turns. The question though philosophical is, “Who is turning the Wheel?” One of the main themes under which this book of poems is written not to show how dull life is but how even in the darkest of phases we have to stay strong because the only answer to our problems is us.

Personal experiences as well as those of close friends have been a constant reminder that we sometimes need a small push to understand ourselves better. The question of “Why Me?” has plagued us in the times of the bad but never in the opposite and that’s where we must ask ourselves “Why Me?” because then we can leverage those times in our times of need and use it as our guide, thus encouraging ourselves rather than mere words of encouragement.

At the end of the day it’s your fight and you are your own light.

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