The Fires of Passion

  • The Fires of Passion
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The Fires of Passion

Kenneth Anderson

Fiction | 204 pages

ISBN: 978-81-928188-9-4


Pre-Independence India

A Scottish planter, his bored English wife, an Anglo-Indian girl, nefarious Indian revolutionaries and in their midst a man-eating tigress seeking to satiate the hunger in her belly, indifferent to the political and racial powder keg waiting to explode...

Set in the Nilgiri mountains, on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border, this evocative novel captures elements of the author’s ancestry, his fascination for the Indian jungles and its denizens. This is perhaps the most personal of Kenneth Anderson’s books, although his claim to fame were the non-fiction works on hunting man-eating tigers and rogue elephants.

* * * * *

“What a wonderful story. We picked it up expecting to find a typical jungle adventure of a courageous hunter pitted against the unforgiving wilderness. That, indeed, is the setting of the story but it is only the background. Against this is a tightly woven and intricate tale of love, lust, political skulduggery, racial conflict, murder and …inevitably… a voracious man-eating tigress. Anderson weaves all these disparate elements together with seemingly effortless skill creating some vividly unforgettable characters. The Anglo-Indian Ranger's daughter, the vibrant June Gardner, leaps out of its pages and deserves to have a life beyond her full-blooded and strong-willed appearance in The Fires of Passion. The descriptions of the jungle and its denizens are vintage Anderson. More unusual are his pulsating passages that justify the unusual blouse-ripping title of this gripping book!

– Hugh & Colleen Gantzer

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