In 'Living' Memory

  • In 'Living' Memory
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In 'Living' Memory
of a wonderful son

Norma Blanche

Non-Fiction | 160 pages


“In his life he gave LOVE,
In his death he gave LIFE!”

The epitaph of a happy, healthy and greatly-loved teenager.

Shortly after his 16th birthday, Alan, an only child, suffered a brain haemorrhage in school. Lack of swift action resulted in what was termed “Sudden Death”.

How were his parents going to face the future without their beloved son?

Their lives were changed forever!

This is Alan’s tragic story . . .

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Immediately after my retirement in 2009, I finally had time to be quiet and take stock of my life following the sudden death of my only son Alan in April 1995.

The memories have stayed close to my heart in the years between. In my quest for solace, I have decided to record them.

Alan gave so much love in his lifetime and in his death, he gave life to four other individuals. Errol and I have been blessed with the gift of his love through two of the recipients of his vital organs and over the years they have become our ‘special friends’.

I have to admit that it took me a long time to record these details as every paragraph was accompanied by many tears and a deep longing to see and hear my precious son again.

We are now approaching the twentieth anniversary of our Alan’s death and I have decided to publish this in honour and memory of our precious son. It is a deeply personal tribute to him but I hope and pray that my writing will give voice to the grief and pain buried in the hearts of other bereaved parents.

Alan loved life and lived it to the full. As the Head of his tutor group said at his funeral, “Alan made every day, every minute and every second count.” I remember every detail of his life and would like to mention some outstanding moments in his memory. Sadly, he died suddenly at the tender age of sixteen.

Errol and I will never fully come to terms with his death.

“One never gets over the loss of a child but learns to live alongside it, day by day.”

This has certainly been our experience. Alan has been, is and will always be ever present in our lives.

There are no specific chapters! This is a continuous path that we travel along. I have, however, inserted what seemed like appropriate headings at stages.

I would like to dedicate this book to my husband, Errol, who has been my stronghold despite his own pain and grave sorrow over the tragic loss of both his mother and our only son within a period of eighteen months. The suddenness of both has knocked him overwhelmingly and he has supported me through all the ups and downs as I have journeyed along the road called grief and watched, painfully, as I have tried to record my steps.

Words are often inadequate to express one’s grief and this tribute to Alan has been a complete outpouring from the heart. This has not been written for reward but rather to help anyone who has been through a similar experience and found it difficult to put their feelings into words. Any money raised from the sale of this book will be given directly to the Salvation Army as they continue their work amongst the community.

– Norma Blanche

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