An Artist on a Journey...

  • An Artist on a Journey...
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An Artist on a Journey…

Eugene D'Vaz

Art / Drawings | 240 pages

ISBN: 978-93-85407-00-0


Eugene D’Vaz has been variously influenced by Dali, Picasso, Doré, Gibran, and Kandinsky to name a few. He hopes his drawings will bear him out as an artist on a journey, and these footprints are worthy indicators of this journey.


His drawings are provocations to help you make your own journey into the interior satisfactory open-ended meaning. Renderings of the face and the embrace of man and woman dominate his oeuvre. Maybe they are the two most important subjects of life.


A natural artist and poet, Eugene has many poems and short stories to his credit which have won laurels and accolades, and his oil paintings and water colours are periodically exhibited at Chennai and other cities. His paintings do not belong to any particular genre. His published books are The Fire Rose, Rose Petals and Rhythm of the Falling Rain.

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