Embers from Hearth

  • Embers from Hearth
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Embers from the Hearth

Stories to Restore your Soul

by Fr. Ian Doulton SDB

Inspirational Stories | 264 pages

ISBN: 978-81-928188-7-0


Fires in mankind’s hearths have been protecting and reassuring us ever since we first nurtured them to push back the darkness and the threat of night, the unknown fears hovering just outside the magic radiance of the hearth. And just when we fear the fire is dying, there’s a splutter, and a flame bursts out, exploding in an ember that tumbles and lies on the hearth like a glowing gem telling us not to give up hope, our fire is still alive. That is what these stories by Fr. Ian Doulton are: embers pulsing with heat and light, warming us when we most need them. His deeply stirring tales, like embers from the hearth, and the heart, will warm and fortify the souls of many.

– Hugh & Colleen Gantzer


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Originally a resident of Lonavala, the second of five children, Fr. Ian Doulton SDB is a Catholic priest of the International Salesian Order. His early education took place at Hutchins High School in Pune, after which he went to St. Mary’s High School (ICSE) in Mumbai. He completed his education through Don Bosco High School, Lonavala, and graduated from the University of Pune. He is based in Mumbai where he has been for the past 16 years. Before this appointment he served in Pune and Lonavala in various capacities as the diocesan director for Christian Education, student counselor and in charge of foreign correspondence. During his time, his skills in training and communications took him to the communication centres of Bhopal, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru in his capacity as a trainer. In 1999 he was appointed editor of Don Bosco’s Madonna, the largest circulating Catholic monthly periodical in India with an international circulation of around 95,000 copies. He serves the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna at Matunga, Mumbai, and is still sought after for his skills of counseling and spiritual direction. Fr. Ian can be contacted at: iandoulton@gmail.com

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