Footprints on Track

  • Footprints on Track
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Footprints on the Track (Third Edition)

Anglo-Indian Railway Memories

Edited by Noel Thomas

Anthology | 274 pages

ISBN: 978-81-928188-0-1


Anglo-Indians were once the backbone of the Indian Railway System. They gave their utmost to keep the wheels moving with unstinted loyalty and devotion that often went beyond the call of duty.

In the railway colonies, Anglo-Indian elders and housewives kept the home fires burning. They also promoted the spirit of amicable social intercourse. Young and old, master and servant, neighbours and friends, enjoyed their own spaces and yet lived together as one close knit family.

These are true stories of simple, ordinary folk who worked hard, played like champions and enjoyed life to the full, spreading their cheerful influence all around.

The book is illustrated with vintage photographs to bring back golden memories. As a slice of history, it will also appeal to younger readers and researchers.

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This book will help preserve the essence of the Anglo-Indian community for posterity.

S. Muthiah

Writer & Chronicler of Chennai


It is a train of memory that celebrates the Anglo-Indian community’s centuries-long links with the Indian Railways.

Priya Menon

The Times of India


In terms of numbers they (Anglo-Indians) were ever a microscopic minority, yet their contribution to the Indian Railways was monumental... This book recalls with emotion and love the unique ethos of Anglo-Indian railway-men and their families... It is those nuggets of perception that make the book more than a blaze of colourful memories... With four decades of railway service preceding his foray into literary realms, the editor brings both worlds into harmony – the professional and the social.

Keith Flory

Associate Editor - The Statesman


When I read the articles I could almost hear the clanking of wagon couplings, the hiss of steam, smell the oil and grime of the loco sheds, and feel the sting of coal particles flying into my eyes while looking out of carriage windows!

Rudy Otter

Writer & Journalist - UK


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