Going Away

  • Going Away
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Going Away 
Going Away means leaving your heart behind...

Written & Directed by  Harry MacLure

Produced by  Nigel Foote

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Teaser Trailer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUguO3vV6dIxo3mZnSpJCxog&v=mHpRe6cXcy4

Tribute Video  http://youtu.be/BAkwLAa2U4w

Sales Video  http://youtu.be/NlCwfzl2_HE

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Write-ups on Going Away :

The Times of India – 9th December 2012

The Hindu – 26th April 2013

The New Indian Express – 6th June 2013

The Hindu – 9th June 2013

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‘Going Away’ is a 40-minute film about an Anglo-Indian family of a brother, sister and her daughter, and their uncle, set in an old bungalow in St. Thomas Mount, Chennai, India.

The sister is in her 40s, her daughter is about 10 and her brother in his mid-20s; their uncle is a 70-year-old retired railway driver. A happy family, day-to-day life is simple and no one longs for greener pastures… or do they?

One day a letter arrives that changes all their lives… out of the blue? Maybe not. How does the family cope with change and separation, who will make the decision to leave or stay and what binds them together may be shattered by the tyranny of distance.

How has this come about and who is responsible; will they be forgiven?

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Denzil Smith    Mohamed Yusuf    Sharon White    Shaan Katari Libby   
Joel Nigli    Sonu Somapalan    Gillian Williamson    Jaravis Dee

Executive Producers  Maree Bockholt, Sybil Foote, Robert Foote & Ron Jithoo

Associate Producers  Marcel Labouchardiere, Melanie Speldewinde, Rock Bottom Productions & John Wynne

Edited by  Anthony Gonsalvez   

Music by  Bruce J. Lee   

Cinematography by  Siddhartha Nuni

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“For the first time, members of the Anglo-Indian community in India have got together to provide a glimpse into their lives through a short film.”
The New Indian Express

“MacLure explores aspects of family togetherness, love, emotions and nostalgia in this 40-minute English film Going Away. The film is about the aspirations of the youth who still want to fly to distant shores, with nary a thought for the feelings of the family members.”
The Hindu

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About the Producer…

Nigel Foote, Creative Producer with Unique Image Creations, is an Anglo-Indian based in Melbourne, Australia. Nigel was born in Bombay in 1955; his family left India in 1960 for the UK and then moved on to Australia in 1971. Nigel has worked in Multi Media and Imaging for many years, his business has been in operation for over 20 years. He has worked as a consultant in Europe, Asia, Japan, UK and US. He aims to start a Film Studio in India to produce films for a worldwide audience. E-mail: nimar@bigpond.com

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About the Director…

Harry MacLure is a writer, comic book illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer and playwright. He edits a 16-year-old international magazine for Anglo-Indians called Anglos In The Wind, and runs a print-design studio in Chennai, India. He is the founder-editor of Anglo-Ink, which is the first Anglo-Indian book publishing company in India. Harry has retold and illustrated thirty-six fairy tales for children, published as books in 2003 by 2M Publications and Apple Books in India. He has written three plays ‘Good Heavens’ (directed by Russell Stevenage, 2004), ‘…And Sunshine Follows the Rain’ (directed by Rajiv Krishnan, 2005), and ‘Uncle Willy’s Ghost’ (directed by Harry MacLure, 2008) all staged successfully in Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi. ‘Going Away’ is a 40-minute film written and directed by Harry. E-mail: harrymaclure@yahoo.com

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