Coloured! So What?

  • Coloured! So What?
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Coloured! So What?

Sydney J. Ellis

Memoir | 136 pages

ISBN: 978-81-928188-6-3


Coloured! So What? is one man’s brief account of his life in Australia as a coloured migrant. Sydney Ellis arrived in Melbourne in 1968 from Madura (now known as Madurai), South India. This book traces his story in India and what follows after he moves into Australia with his family.

Take an Anglo-Indian who looks at everything with humour in his heart, employing a simple, boys own style of narrative, with a sprinkling of odd-ball characters and funny anecdotes from real life – and you get a memoir worth reading and sharing with others.

With his characteristically sharp eye for detail and tongue-in-cheek story-telling, the author provides special insights into the 500-year-old mixed-blood community now living in India and across the globe. He says that he has written this book for youngsters to have an understanding of life in Australia as it was in the late ’60s and ’70s.

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