Lillooah Revisited

  • Lillooah Revisited
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Lillooah Revisited

Denis K. Whitworth

Memoir | 208 pages


Lillooah, a secluded East Indian Railway Colony during the days of “the Raj” was on par with – if not superior to – any place that enjoys the warmth and camaraderie of a Community that once lived life to the fullest.


A close-knit Railway settlement some four miles outside the city of Calcutta in India, Lillooah was basically home to the European and Anglo-Indian families of staff who were employed by the Railways in its Carriage & Wagon Workshops.


Even though with India’s one-time Capital so near at hand, Lillooah’s residents were quite content to remain in the comfort of a private colony, a caring Community, and in the knowledge that all their entertainment requirements were available within “a stone’s throw” of their homes.


According to Denis K. Whitworth, this small Railway Colony and its Institute offered a lot more than Calcutta did!


Lillooah Revisited is one man’s charming account of life in the 1940s, a slice of life from Anglo-Indian history.

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