Double Cream Memsahib

  • Double Cream Memsahib
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Double Cream, Memsahib?

Kevin Martin

A Novel in Verse | 288 pages

ISBN: 978-81-928188-2-5


India, August 1947.


Neel Kamal, or Blue Lotus, a young woman of mixed Bengali-Nepalese parentage is visiting Calcutta with her father, Dev Gurung, a tea estate manager in Darjeeling. On the same night that India is granted Independence, she is abducted and raped on the banks of the Hooghly River, by two departing British naval men.


The crime has a witness: Darius, fondly called Dax, the young, shy, poetry-writing son of Calcutta’s Anglo-Indian Police Commissioner, Cyrus Rembrandt.


One heinous act, one individual experience, four fates... and four destinies entwine, entangle and, over fifty years, unravel as justice is sought.


A hastily-arranged marriage; a psychic message and warning (Beware the cloak... it hides!); police and naval conflict to find the perpetrators; a splinter Anglo-Indian, pro-British organisation; an attempted assassination; a jeep accident; a lowly birth in a farmhouse; a nun turning her back on God for human love; a young rickshaw-pulling orphan; the public schools of Darjeeling; school and local politics; boarding school misadventure; England, where a gay young man finds expression; Lucknow; the Bangla War; the Emergency... all of these are milestones on the journey to a solution that is as baffling today, though scientifically and historically proved, as someone saying, “I’m Anglo-Indian,” and the other going, “Yeah? Go on then, explain yourself.”

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