Blood and Steel

  • Blood and Steel
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Blood and Steel

Brig. Desmond E. Hayde, MVC

Non-Fiction | 234 pages


When the streamlines of empire flowed out of Europe towards the east and by the time that the British Raj got well established in India there was this race of domiciled mixed Europeans who looked on India as their home, for where else could a man in whose veins ran all the bloodlines of Europe and living, born, bred and brought up in India belong? They came to be called Anglo-Indians and their natural aptitudes made them ideal soldiers. Theirs was a vibrant, exuberant society, to which many other Indians were drawn and became a part of it.


Blood and Steel is autobiographical, written by an Anglo-Indian soldier who writes with candid honesty, portraying with great sense of humour the outlook of the Anglo-Indian community in India. He also narrates his own and others’ experiences of training at the Military Academy, one which converts a young man into the ideal leader, to imbibe those qualities by which he will place the interests of the group above and beyond those of self.

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