About Us

Anglo-Ink is a Chennai-based publisher of quality books on the Anglo-Indian community. We at Anglo-Ink are dedicated to bringing the best possible books for discerning Anglo-Indians as well as others who are keen to know more about the history and culture of our 500-year-old community.


Anglo-Ink is committed to showcasing our stories and experiences to as wide an audience as possible. We also plan in the near future to reprint old classics on the Anglo-Indian community that are currently out-of-print. These titles will also be made available in multiple digital formats for reading on a variety of devices. Bringing Anglo-Indian literature to everyone at an affordable price is our mission.


In addition to building our Anglo-Indian classic books range, we would also like to encourage fresh talent from within the Community: We are looking for Anglo-Indian writers for our forthcoming first anthology. We are delighted to create a publishing platform for up-coming Anglo-Indian writers in India and abroad.


  • Anglo-Ink is the first Anglo-Indian book publishing company in India. We aim to publish the work of established and aspiring writers from within the Community.

  • Anglo-Ink’s mission is to publish quality books that would look deep into various facets of the Anglo-Indian community in the past and present.

  • Anglo-Ink strives to publish books – fiction and non-fiction – that pay tribute to our unique mixed-blood heritage and distinct cultural identity.

  • Anglo-Ink targets all readers – Anglo-Indian as well as others – who are keen to be enlightened and entertained with literature of the Community.


It is difficult for Anglo-Indians in India and overseas to find books that authentically reflect their life experiences and culture. We at Anglo-Ink hope to preserve and showcase, without bias or stereotypes, our Community’s 500-year history and acknowledge India as our motherland.